At Dan-Kar Corp, we have considerable capabilities in plastics fabrication. We design, fabricate, form, and finish a diverse range of components in low to high volumes. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we meet the exacting needs of many specialty and niche markets. We are intensely customer-focused and enjoy working directly with our clients to ensure the delivery of top-quality products that meet their needs and budget.

We leverage an extensive lineup of plastics manufacturing technologies to produce parts of any size, shape, material, and finish. Along with plastics molding, our capabilities include milling, drilling, and turning as well as routing and die stamping. We can polish plastic parts to a brilliant optically clear finish and assemble multiple pieces into a finished product. Our services incorporate design, prototyping, tooling development, and quality assurance for a complete in-house solution.

As an experienced plastics fabrication company, we work with all types of polymers, from general-purpose resins to highly engineered polymers with enhanced performance and wear properties. We stay up to date on scientific advancements and innovations in high-tech plastic material technologies, such as recyclable and reinforced materials, medical plastics, sustainable polymers, and more.

With our plastics fabrication capabilities, we manufacture micro-sized parts with features as small as .005” as well as large parts measuring up to 48” x 96” with tolerances as close as ±.0002”. We handle everything from high mix/low volume to low mix/high volume requirements. Along with plastic parts and test equipment for the biotech and medical markets, we manufacture parts like holding tanks, windows, windshields, etc., that comply with marine industry standards. For more information about our plastics fabrication services or to request a quote, contact us directly. less