For over 40 years, Dan-Kar Corp. has been a leading provider of plastic fabrication services for biomedical, laboratory, and scientific organizations. Our engineering and development teams create high-quality plastic goods used for precision applications, and customers rely on our stringent quality control and manufacturing standards. Learn more about the materials used for plastic lab and biomedical equipment, key considerations for these products, and the benefits of working with us.

Materials Used for Plastic Lab and Biomedical Equipment

At Dan-Kar Corp., we carefully match each product with the right polymers and plastics. Medical devices and laboratory equipment need plastics that stay inert, precisely shaped, and easy to use. That’s why we use petroleum-based synthetic and semi-organic polymers for production.

Plastics are easy to form into very precise shapes and sizes for virtually any application. It is also a cost-effective, lightweight medium that can be used to create long-term equipment, single-use containers, and everything in between. The right plastic formula is able to be sterilized and nonreactive to chemicals or contaminants, allowing for safe, long-term use.

Considerations for Lab and Biomedical Products

High-quality lab equipment has a direct impact on the productivity and efficiency of any lab. Laboratories need to have cutting-edge tools that provide reliable, precise results, but many labs also have strict budgets for sourcing large equipment, tools, and containers. Fabricated plastic parts help address these concerns because they are:

  • Cost-effective: Plastic fabrication services are more affordable than glass and metal fabrication, and the plastics themselves are cost-effective to maintain.
  • Available in standard and custom options: Whether you need high volumes of custom plastic units or stock plastic parts, specialty plastics fabrication offers a wide variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and functions. Plastic parts can also be fabricated with special features, such as measurement guides and lips, and as single-use or multi-use products.
  • Easy to use and handle: Laboratory equipment needs to produce reliable results, and part of that is being easy to use. Plastic goods are more lightweight than metal goods and can be handled and cleaned with ease.

Advantages of Dan-Kar Corp Products

Plastic equipment and products bring several advantages to medical and laboratory settings. Working with the right plastics fabrication services provider can offer even more advantages. The Dan-Kar Corp. team has been working with clients in these industries for over 40 years to develop high-quality products that best serve your needs. We offer diverse fabrication options, including the design, fabrication, forming, and finishing of low- to high-volume orders.

Plastic Products by Dan-Kar

Dan-Kar is a leading provider of medical and laboratory plastics. We offer unparalleled customer service and personal attention so you have the products and parts you need when you need them. Request a quote today for our plastic fabrication services.